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The Firm includes a wide range of healthcare services and financing vehicles. The menu enables business owners and their associates to pro-actively reach new heights of systematic, strategic coordination of the healthcare expense. This relates to productivity and retention. As a non-traditional agency our core services include:

  • Benefits Consuling and Consulting (TDI License #1697535)
  • General Lines of Health Insurance, Life, Accident, Long Term Care, Specialty Coverages and HMO/Risk Contracting (Appointed with all major insurance carriers for Group and Family/Individual coverage), Physician Office Property & Liability and Medical Malpractice Coverage
  • Access/direct contracting to 825 physicians
  • “CareHere” On-Site clinics coordinated with benefit plan cost management / "The Company Doctor" program
  • International services
  • Direct contracting for medical care
  • Utilization review
  • Business planning, Estate Planning, and Wealth Management
  • Third party administration
  • Disease management
  • "The Flagship", a branded in-patient medical services package
  • Current development includes Accountable Care Organizations, Medical Homes, and our Recognized Service Provider program
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