Thank you for your interest

I am Wayne A. Bertsch, CPA and Chief Financial Officer for the Miers Group, LLC. (TMG)  As a shareholder and founder of this innovative business, I am proud to present our business model and financial projections as we move to mezzanine financing.

Let me begin by relating that this company has developed a focused healthcare delivery system. The Flagship Physician Network provides self-insured access to personal healthcare with the coordinated services of hospitals and outpatient facilities. And, this is all about service to local communities. The target is the small employer who is struggling with the cost of insurance and the American worker who seeks the security of health benefits.

The plan is simple. The product brand, the “Flagship Physician Network is secured to a platform of insurance expertise and seasoned healthcare managers. Plus, a national hospital company has committed its power and open support with their national managed care experience. The program also has a leading third party administrator with deep capitation experience. Another colleague is a physician integrator who is active in fifty USA markets. Combined, TMG has assembled an impressive team to change the dynamics of how health benefits are delivered.

The business is highly replicatible and timely.  Our leadership team is special. We have been to “Main Street” and “Wall Street”, as well the surgery suite and everywhere patients are cared for. The company has paid its dues and been self-funded for two years plus. Now, a second round of funding is needed to expand sales, enlist providers, build staff, and construct information systems and infrastructure. I am pleased to present this request for funding.  We begin with a look at our MILESTONES and then FINANCIALS.


Wayne A. Bertsch CPA

Chief Financial Officer

2665 Villa Creek, Suite 205

Dallas, Texas 75234