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Healthcare reform intends to direct thirty million underinsured patients into a primary care system that is already overwhelmed. If you, as a patient, intend to seek care from an independent primary care physician it is time to reinforce your relationship.

"Ideal Qualities of the Independent Physician"

  • Accessibility - Patients should have an appointment to see their physician within 24 hours

  • Ability to follow patients even when hospitalized and to coordinate "hospitalists"

  • Selective referral to physicians who are ware that your doctor will be following your outcomes, whether in inpatient or outpatient care

  • Sensitivity and disclosure relating to approximate radiation exposure associated with diagnostic testing

  • Availability to open, candid discussion relating to choice of supplements and diet

  • Baseline physical examination within the guidlines of insurance coverage

  • Disease management focused on early diagnosis and preemptive screening

  • Unique long term care and rehabilitation information. Again, the physician follows the patient's progress.


Harris "Buddy" Miers, Jr.

Daniel S. Karin, M.D.
Medical Director

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