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Actions speak louder than words. Our team is licensed and trained in areas beyond general lines insurance. We have certifications in arbitration, mediation, utilization review, medical practice, etc. However, it is what team members have individually done that is most interesting in the concept of "One Ranger for One Riot". Our history of success includes the past triumphs:

  • Proven ability to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and sell insurance to the "Working American"
  • Demonstrated venture capital funding success
  • Direct contracting of 45,000 Dallas and East Texas lives. Accomplished without middle layers of bureaucracy and with special patient service
  • National scope group practice that served both in-patient specialist needs and disease management
  • Key manager in developing a small company to the Wall Street ticker
  • Experience from the 1970's and cost-based reimbursement to the uncertain era of 2009
  • Managed 50 major US companies for United Healthcare
  • Created an incubator developed technology transfer from a major med-school that is emerging from the FDA with high economic potential
  • Developed "Transitional Care" centers
  • Long Term Care services from the perspective of a physician who is a licensed insurance agent


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